In.can.des.cent E.P

by Quentin Hiatus on Free Love Digi

tags: Free Love Digi, Quentin, Hiatus, In..des.cent, E.P

Quentin Hiatus presents the In.can.des.cent E.P. This 8 track collection burns with passion, love, energy and creativity. Highly energetic and deep. The Beastman awakens with something to say and we are listening.

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Who's on this release:

Quentin Hiatus

Available as lossless WAV, 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint Stereo and other formats.

GENRE: Atmospheric, Intelligent Dnb, Footwork
LABEL: Free Love Digi
RELEASE DATE: Nov, 07 2016

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Media Links for this Release:
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YouTube (track - Heaven)
YouTube (track - Elio Mo Mo)
YouTube (track - In.can.des.cent)
YouTube (track - Eloquent)
YouTube (track - Subtle Push)
YouTube (track - Elton John)
YouTube (track - The First Time Was The Last)